Sunday, September 10, 2006


You should all check out Erica's blog about Steve Irwin, I thought it was interesting and maybe a different perspective than most of what I've been hearing. Oh, and Anna wrote a feminist critique of "The Little Mermaid" in her myspace blog, take a look at that too while you're at it :-)
I started reading a book by Zakes Mda while on the plane ride to Arizona. He's a South African author that Lauren L-H recommended to me, and I read and very much enjoyed another one of his books ("Ways of Dying") a month or two ago. This book, "The Madonna of Excelsior" was just not doing it for me, though. So when we got there, I stopped reading it and started something else. Yesterday, I started it again, and somehow it's now really interesting. Was it just that the plot picked up? Or am I just more ready to read it now?
Anyway, to add to the randomness of this, here's some pictures of Anna and her mom.

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