Monday, December 19, 2005

words fail me

One of the first things I found out this morning was that ANWR drilling was attached to a House bill involving defense, bird flu, and hurricane relief, and of course was passed. Maybe I would have known about it sooner if I was paying attention, but I wasn't. Doesn't it seem crappy that you can just make bills out of incongruent ideas, so in order to get a good thing passed you might have to pass a shitty one as well? I've always kind of thought that was a sucky way of doing things. Anyway, I guess it's going to the Senate again, so we'll see what happens. It doesn't seem to bode well though.
In other news, I appear to be addicted to the internet again. I am incessantly checking email, blogs, etc... And the newest additions to the problem are MySpace and Friendster. People convinced me to sign up for both of these a few years ago, and recently people I knew from high school etc. started contacting me through them, so I updated my profiles and now I can't stop looking for people I know. Gah! The weirdest developement is that I ended up finding one of the Chicago Kings on Friendster, which led me to look at all these profiles of cool people who are on there like Ken Las Vegas, Carlos Las Vegas, Del LaGrace Volcano... But I didn't know that unless you disable one of the functions on there, it alerts people when you look at their blogs. Which is not really a big deal, although it made me feel a little like a stalker and consequently a bit wary of looking at profiles of people I don't actively know. Also, Ken Las Vegas (a pretty famous and active drag king from Washington DC) looked at my profile, which makes me a little nervous :-/ He seems really cool and I hear he's very nice, but I've been a little intimidated by him the two times I've seen him in person. But I suppose all will be well (What do I really think will happen? Ken Las Vegas will decide he doesn't like me and I'll be shunned in drag king circles forever after?), and my online addiction will fade once I get to Flag and my sister takes over the computer so she can be in constant multi-media connection (phone, internet, and sometimes even in person) with her millions of close friends.


PocaCosa said...

There's a way to turn off the stalker option on Friendster. :) I recommend it! BTW, it's nice to see you on MySpace; and it's definitely addicting, I agree!

Anonymous said...

The drilling bill didn't pass in the Senate! By 4 votes, but still, yay!