Thursday, December 08, 2005

i thought i was wrong once, but i found out later i was mistaken

I guess I didn't have food poisoning, because Anna appears to have come down with the same thing. So today was another day of making soup and lazing around in bed and reading and such, which was okay also. The only sad thing was I was supposed to visit Anna at work today and we were going to go to this great and widely-known falafel place for lunch, and now that will have to wait for next week.
We also got Anna's hospital bills today. My god, it is $4000! They gave her all these expensive x-rays and tests and drugs and--this one pisses me off the most--a $150 pregnancy test! I feel absurdly shocked and more than a bit naive. How do they think people can even afford to get treated for anything? I've never been in charge of paying for healthcare before, and I've only been to a hospital about once before in my life, but this seems over the top. It makes me even more outraged about how few people are able to pay for health insurance and how little seems to be done to change that for the better. Oh Canada... Luckily, Anna has (limited) health insurance and I think her dad is going to help us, but I am still just so angry and shocked and amazed by the whole thing. I don't even know what other kind of reaction to have.

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