Thursday, March 18, 2004

Ah, I'm in Flagstaff for a short period of about 36 hours, just long enough to become very tired trying to get everything done. Thank god I don't keep in touch with more people here! Not really, I guess, but even keeping up with a few people is a lot of work. Okay, here's pesto lasagna, tested by me and Greta the other night and very yummy.

Pesto Lasagna
You need:
Pesto (a lot), see last entry
veggies (we used eggplant, spinach, mushrooms)
some tomato sauce, or crushed tomatoes
lasagna noodles
fake ricotta (silken tofu mashed with a fork, mixed with lemon juice and soy sauce)

Cook the noodles. Put some tomato stuff on the bottom of a rectangular pan, the a layer of noodles, then veggies, then ricotta, then noodles, then pesto... Layer until you run out of stuff, with a little tomato stuff from time to time. Sprinkle nutritional yeast on top. Bake at 350 for maybe 45 or 50 minutes. If you use eggplant, make sure and cut it really thin so it will cook. This recipe turned out really well for us, but I've only tried it once, so I'm still somewhat skeptical. But it was good, so by all means go for it.

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