Thursday, April 15, 2010

grandiose musings (not mine)

And now for something silly. But good. But silly. I spent too much time yesterday reading posts from Hyperbole and a Half, a random blog written by somebody living in rural Montana. Mostly it's about her trying to be famous. Also bears. She draws a lot of pictures, many of which are surprisingly funny, and takes pictures of herself imitating geese and velociraptors. She stole my heart a little bit with this line, about mentally anticipating something that never ends up happening: "It's like blue balls, but with your Medulla Oblongata instead."

What can I say? Sometimes you need something funny, strange, and crass to pass the time. I'll write something real soon, but until then I recommend her thoughts on grammar (a word I nearly always misspell, which may or may not be ironic but is definitely personally irritating), the morning habits of animals, and a hyperbolically horrific childhood fishing trip.

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