Wednesday, November 18, 2009

a short digression

So here's a question: if you did a google image search for "naked girls and me" what do you think you would find?
The answer is this. My blog about my blog about Naked Girls Reading. It's moved from the first to the third result for that particular search, and I've been getting upwards of forty or fifty hits a day from all over the world for it ever since the post went up. Which was cute for a while, I'll admit, and is kind of a funny story, but it's becoming increasingly perplexing to me; what are these people looking for? The word "me" in that phrase is the kicker, because obviously you aren't going to end up with pictures of yourself and naked girls if you use such a nonspecific pronoun. (And even if you used your name, I'd hope you knew where the pictures of yourself and naked women on the internet were already.) I did some regular google searching to see if maybe there was a movie or something that I hadn't heard of that was the source of the phrase, but I didn't find anything in any way noteworthy. And so it's a mystery. All I can imagine is that these people are vastly disappointed when they realize that they've only found a picture of me and a naked woman's back, with a link to an earnest essay about nudity and honesty.

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Amber said...

it is odd... but I say live it up!