Wednesday, April 09, 2008

think pink

This is an article my friend Jessie sent me about fashion and the city he's currently in, Jaipur. I know architectural fashion probably isn't any new thing (in fact, I'm pretty positive it isn't), but I still like it. I tend to like conceptual mishmashes, like the cello concerto I played recently by Ligeti where the cello soloist was specifically ordered by the composer to play under the rest of the orchestra, and so mostly goes completely unheard. It's supposed to say something about oppressed voices: this person, screaming but being covered by others, who eventually breaks free but is so tired that they just fade away. The piece ended with a cadenza that was nearly inaudible, ending with the soloist just tapping her fingers on the fingerboard and trailing off into complete silence that we were sometimes able to convince the audience to hold for probably up to a minute at times.
Anyway, so I like conceptually cool things, even if they don't always come out in the wash (somebody mentioned that a concerto where you can't hear the soloist seemed pretty anticlimactic, and who am I to say?). And I like when one art form draws inspiration from another, like a piece I heard by Debussy that had a movement based on a poetic form called a pantoum, with repeated lines of text replaced by repeated musical phrases. This fashion article reminded me of that. Plus I like the idea of a pink city :) People nearly threw a fit when the latest el line here was christened the pink line, with all these mid-twenties guys (at least in the articles I read it was mostly mid-twenties guys quoted in opposition) saying disparaging things about girly colors. Grow up, Chicago.

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