Saturday, February 23, 2008

i will write the goddamn grant in sand

Agh, I'm trying to write my first-ever grant proposals, without the benefit of good solid information about what I'm asking for money for or decent and timely internet access. Bah. But it's all for the sake of contemporary classical music, so I'll try and make it happen, I suppose.
In other news, I will have internet at my house within the week, finally. Erica told me she was sad because I never write in here, and I realized I miss this a lot. So hopefully, my posting will become far more frequent and I'll also have time to read about some of my friends as well.
I also just joined, which just excites me so much more than it maybe should. In honor of that (and because this line has been ringing in my brain for a week), here's possibly my absolute least favorite line from a book ever:
"...Pedro went to her... and throwing himself upon her, caused her to lose her virginity and learn of true love."
-Laura Esquival, Like Water for Chocolate
That line has always sullied the book for me. As I've grown older and keep re-reading this novel, I like the main characters and much of their motivations less and less, but I still enjoy the sensual cooking language and the nostalgia mixed with disgust I feel when I think about how this influenced my feelings about romance. But seriously, that line? Ugh. I've always wondered if part of the wrongness is from poor translation ("causing her to lose her virginity"?), but it's also that it makes me feel icky because of the conflation of sex and love and passion and all that jazz. Pedro and Tita, the two main characters, have been madly but chastely in love for years at this point, but she can only learn of true love when he fucks her in the back room? Please.

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