Monday, November 19, 2007

a belated update

This is an article about a series of performances I did last month. It was good times, that whole shutting-down thing. Apparently we might tour in New York and California sometime! (This is, by the way, the same opera I did last year where we played slide whistles.)
I spent the weekend in Nebraska earlier this month so that we could go to Tabitha's sister Valerie's wedding. I spent most of my time babysitting for her two nephews, one two-year-old and one three-year-old. It was fun but also terrifying.
My new job is a zillion times better than the last flower shop (at least so far). I have co-workers to talk to, people actually come in to the shop, and the bosses apparently frequently buy us all lunch. It's actually pretty fun, as far as jobs go.
That's all. I feel like I've been navel-gazing a lot lately, so I'll try to think of something more interesting to say for next time. Happy tofu day 2007!

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