Tuesday, June 26, 2007

work is hard

I feel like a bourgeoise douchebag for saying this, but damn it's been a long time since I had anything remotely like a regular job. 8-hour days are like a foreign language.
I actually really like my job (although I have to admit a shudder ran through me when I saw "Product of Columbia" on my bunch of roses this afternoon and I recently didn't put a movie on my blockbuster queue because it was about a girl working in a South American flower plantation). The first few days are hard anywhere (or so I remember from long ago) because there's so much new information being thrown at you at once; today and yesterday I could barely talk normally when I left because my brain was just completely gone. I'm also being thrown into this rather quickly, and instead of the lengthy training period I was hoping for I'm working completely alone tomorrow, Thursday, and Sunday. That seems crazy to me; yesterday I barely knew half the flower names and now I have a freaking key to the store. So far I'm pretty good at the easy stuff (cleaning, faxing, getting flowers prepped for the freezer) and not so hot at the "real" flower stuff, like arrangements and bouquets. But hey, there's always time to improve. I need to read and learn more about color matching, arrangement techniques and styles, all the jazz. Anyway, that's all.

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