Wednesday, February 07, 2007

fall of a vegan

I know I've written about this so many times... But I just can't get over the way veganism changed my food perceptions. My latest re-discovery: cream cheese. God. It's just so weird to observe my fluctuations over time. I felt fairly ambivalent about cream cheese for most of my life (especially after my stint at Breugger's Bagels), then I was totally down with fake cream cheese for a long time, and now real cream cheese tastes like heaven. That and yogurt and ice cream... I'm kind of afraid to try cottage cheese.
Sometime soon when I'm feeling more motivated, I'm going to write about marriage and a book I recently read. But for now, I'm going to make soup and practice for my far-too-soon Civic audition.

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Scott Hughes said...

I'm still a vegan. Your post is making me jealous.