Saturday, October 14, 2006


I saw Ani last night for the third time, which was awesome. I think every other time I've seen her perform, she's either been a)angry at the audience for being to noisy or b)kind of tense and unhappy seeming. But last night she seemed up and really into it, talking at length about politics (she compared the US foreign policy to pretending there's not an elephant in the room, if that makes any sense)and pilates ("medieval torture devices"). And although there was a lot of audience noise at times, she took it well and even played some of the requests that people were yelling out. At one point a girl yelled "Ani, I want to be your baby's daddy!" and Ani responded that if said person could make her a pair of pants that she could stand to wear (she was visibly pregnant) she would call them daddy herself. The playing was also great, of course, and even though I am not all that fond of the new album Anna rightly said that she liked the new songs a lot better live than she did on the recording. Her playing was very energetic and energizing, and although I haven't been spending that much time listening to her lately I was very much reminded of how much her music has meant to me over the past few years.
Anyway, here's the set list.

78% H2O
Done Wrong
In the Way
Independance Day
Reprieve (poem)
Alla This (unrecorded)


PocaCosa said...

cool! that's so great to hear. the last (and 2nd) time i saw her was one of those angry-at-the-audience shows, and i was so disillusioned. good to hear that she's still doing great shows.

angsty pussy said...

What did you think of the poem?

ammie said...

I liked it okay. (she read a poem by somebody who's name I can't remember about a mother talking to her child at college and thinking about birth.) There were parts of it I liked a lot. But you should also know that I have no credibility as far as judging poetry is concerned. As long as it's not terrible I like it.