Wednesday, August 16, 2006

oh my

"Okay, now this is just wrong, y’all. It’s not the kid’s fault his parents accessorize him in the latest from Pimps ‘R’ Us. The September issue of Esquire has named little Sean Preston Federline the “Worst Dressed Man in the World” on its annual Best and Worst Dressed Men lists.
"Regarding Britney Spears‘ less than stellar wardrobe choices for her son the magazine says that “being the offspring of a hyper fertile backup dancer and prematurely wilted flower is no excuse, but being 12 months almost is…As soon as you gain some dexterity, straighten out your hat.”"
-from US magazine's website

It does seem a little harsh to attach that to somebody who really has no control over his own outfits, but it's still kinda funny. I especially like what appears to be a furry coat paired with a Newsies hat.


PocaCosa said...

Nice. I wonder if there's any chance that that kid might grow up to be a normal functioning citizen? Sigh.

Nebo said...

What about Britney? What do you think of her new "loOok" ?

ammie said...

Well, I'm pretty obviously not a huge Britney fan, so I don;t really know. Do you care to elucidate?